Florina is a friend of Lyn's, who lives in Ilia and trains to become a Pegasus Knight.


Florina went to live in Ilia, so she could train to become a Pegasus Knight, like her sisters Farina and Fiora. She flew back to Lycia, where Lyn was. Before she met Lyn, her Pegasus Knight landed on top of a bandit, which caused them to come after her. However, Lyn helped her fight the bandits. After they defeated the bandits, Florina explained to Lyn that she had to join a group of mercenaries to complete her training as a Pegasus Knight. However, because she is shy around men, Lyn tells her that she couldn't imagine her being in a group with them. Sain convinces her to join, claiming that their group is a group of mercenaries. After this, she joins Lyn's group.

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