Kent is a knight of Caelin who helps the Marquess's granddaughter, Lyn, reach Caelin so that she can meet her grandfather.


Kent is a knight of Caelin, who, along with Sain, was sent to find the Marquess's granddaughter, Lyndis. After meeting up with Lyn, bandits come and attack the group. After working together to fight the bandits, Kent and Sain escort Lyn to Caelin. During their travel, they are constantly hunted down by bandits. They also meet several people along the way who join them; Wil and Florina, Dorcas, Erk and Serra, Lucius and Nils, and finally Wallace.


Kent is a very serious, dutiful, and protective knight. He always tries to be very strategic in battle, such as coming prepared with a sword and a lance.

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